Restaurant recruitment expert, founder and CEO of Hurma Recruitment agency.

Organizes educational tours for HORECA specialists, speaker of the largest specialized events in Russia, Poland, Dubai, Shanghai, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus.


We expand the financial flows of our clients and bring the industry to a new level. The result is the benchmark of our work.

We do business class recruiting.

• Author of the books:

"Hunting for talent. Weapons and 77 ways to use them" and "My" restaurant! Dream job search guide", "AntiHR for Restaurant, Motivation, contracts, forms, offers" - the book was written in collaboration with the members of the HURMA Recruitment team: Varvara Ivanova , Elena Marinina , Lyudmila Egorova, Lyudmila Varakina and Ilona Avilova.

• Author of the specialized courses " Tochka Rosta Marathon" and "School of Recruitment".

• Agile Tuning Specialist.

• Certified DISC coach.

• Career consultant.

• Member of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards community.


• LGU A. S. Pushkin with a degree in restaurant business and tourism.

• Moscow Business School - Agile.

• Erickson University "Coaching in Management"

Ekaterina has helped more than 3,000 people to find their way, build a career and start their own business during her 18-year journey in HR
Her agency fills leading positions in Russia and is significantly successful in the markets of Ukraine and Kazakhstan, hundreds of top positions in the HORECA field have been closed over 8 years of work, and a number of international recruiting projects have been successfully implemented in the UK, Germany, France, Dubai, etc.

Ekaterina's team was responsible for organizing chef panels for events in Russia (GASTREET International Restaurant Show, MEGUSTRO), Ukraine (FONTEGRO) and Belarus for the Guild of Chefs, Poland (One Solution).

Over the past 3 years, Ekaterina has attended key global gastronomic events around the world, including The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards, and regularly publishes research, articles and reviews.
Articles and interviews for Forbes, Glamour, Mediametrics radio, etc.
HURMA carries Prado: how to make money on tour of foreign chefs
Extended interview on RBC
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If the chef is in Bali

A huge number of chefs left the country in 2022. A restaurant without a chef is like food without salt. How should the restaurateur act in this case? Dismiss or keep? Ekaterina Starodubtceva-Kalacheva, career consultant and founder of the Hurma Recruitment agency, answers.

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Expats in the kitchen: what are the benefits of foreign chefs for the restaurant business
Foreign employees are increasingly being hired by Russian companies. This trend is especially noticeable in the restaurant business.
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Online course of recruitment for HORECA from the experts
AntiHR. Motivators, contracts, forms, offers

In the book “AntiHR. Motivators, contracts, forms, offers” contains 137 document templates that help absolutely any specialist to find an answer at every stage of the recruitment.

This book is a kind of "lazy" HR, when all the instructions are designed and written for you, and you only need to take the relevant form.

Read the step-by-step instructions on how to use it, get acquainted with the case from our long-term recruiting practice of the HURMA recruitment team and apply it in your restaurant. It's like the iPhone, everything is simple and easy, only in recruiting.

Here you will find a series of forms on how to write an job teaser, how to prepare for an interview, how to interview and then how to guide a candidate.

Everything is very practical, without unnecessary theory and water.
Talent hunt. Weapons and 77 ways to use them

The Talent Hunt book contains the most necessary information: how to work with a employer and with an applicant, what passive and active recruitment is, how to conduct an effective interview, check references and make a job offer.

The book will help to solve existing problems with the staff and prevent new ones, as well as debug the process of creating a strong and confident team.

In addition to theory, you will find a large amount of practical material: from forms to programs, from tools to case studies.
"My" restaurant! Dream Job Guide

Have you often thought about what it means to work in a buzz?

Of course, you may think that being a lucky candidate for a cool job is a good luck, but I think that this is a result of hard work. That is why I wrote the book.

After all, many people need to realize their strengths, understand how they can be used in building a career, but the main thing is to clearly define where you want to work and what the portrait of your ideal employer looks like.

If you want a cool job - read and develop yourself!
Ekaterina Starodubtceva-Kalacheva
Hurma Recruitment Founder